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 EZEKIEL 4. The Master key to
unlock the Bible's chronology
(279 pages)    Last update  Feb 14, 2018:  p. 154,  231
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​The 44 Hebrew monarchs

  (a chronology of two kingdoms) 

 The prevailing water of Noah's flood

              (a chronology of the Flood) 

Review Aug 29, 2017

The surprising flight of Noah's raven

completely refreshed on Aug 23, 2017

 (learn what the raven did)

The Bible uncharted chronology

(The ultimate accuracy in time)

The 37 miracles of Yeshua


Several solutions have been proposed to explain the 390 and the 40 years symbolized by Ezekiel’s 390 and 40 days (Ezek 4-5). None has been very convincing so far. 

The following observation is therefore indisputable: in spite of the fact that Ezekiel spent a very long 430 day period on his sides to perform a sign, no one has ever come up with any hidden interpretation that could match (and justify) the the harsh treatment inflicted to Ezekiel.

This site proposes a fresh new way to understand the most meaningfull (while totally misenterpreted) sign ever performed by a prophet for the benefit of the people. This solution will lead us to the right chronology of the Bible, to the discovery of numerous, stunning and unexpected patterns all hidden among the Bible's numbers.

In the end one should arrives to this sole conclusion: there

truly is a Master Designer and He is the 

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.